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So What Changed?

How did I go from living in the back of my karate school to 200+ members and $40k/mo gross?

I’d like to tell you I picked myself up by my bootstraps and charged ahead, grabbing my destiny by the horns! But that’s not true. Honestly, it was blind luck coupled with quick action.

I’m a “millennial”. I graduated High School in 2002. So I was in college in 2006 when Facebook went live. I was on Facebook as soon as it was released to my college. I was on Facebook before the Newsfeed. Before the Wall. Before high school students were allowed on. Before people were allowed to sign up without a .edu email address.

Why does my youth matter? Because it puts me smack-dab in the middle of a technological revolution: the Internet Age. I grew up with computers. I chatted in AOL and Napster chat rooms. I had a Myspace account (I don't want to talk about it).

Basically, I was an active participant in the birth of Social Media as we know it.

But even though I "understood" the internet and even after working with some online marketing companies in the Martial Arts space, I still had NOTHING to show for it. Barely any students, and even fewer dollars in the bank.

I decided I was sick and tired of not understanding Online Marketing, and I set out to do something about it.

I Became a Monster

I devoured everything I could get my hands on regarding internet marketing, sales funnels, conversion, online advertising, traffic buying, and positioning.  By the time I came up for air 5 years later, I realized….holy crap, I’m an expert.

I understand how people use the internet from a consumer standpoint, especially people my age and younger, who now have children of their own (children who you want in your school as students), and I understand how membership businesses like ours should use the internet to connect with these people.

Today, I ONLY Market My School Online

No flyers, no ad cards, no yellow book (LOLOL), no magazine ads, no billboards, no TV commercials, no community booths. Just so you know I’m not talking trash, I’ve tried all of these methods with varying degrees of success. But take a look at the graph below and tell me you can ignore Online Marketing these days...

You no longer have the luxury or ignoring online marketing. 

Don't get me wrong. I’m not saying these things aren’t good to do, and I’m NOT saying you shouldn’t do them, because you absolutely should. I’m just saying that if your time is a precious as mine (I have a 3 and a 5 year old, and they’re WAY more important than spending 12 hours at a carnival booth), the internet is a guaranteed way to leverage as little time as possible and still get amazing results. In fact,

The internet BREAKS the rules of Martial Arts Marketing, and It's Awesome.

The relationship between Time, Money, and Results, in regards to Martial Arts Marketing, used to be inverse. Meaning, if you wanted good results without any time spent, you have to spend big money (billboards and TV ads). But if you didn’t have much money to spend, you had to spend your time (Flyers and booths).

That’s not true anymore:

Monthly Marketing Budget Spent

Click to enlarge

Monthly Marketing Time Spent

Click to enlarge

Facebook ads are getting me and my clients $.50, $.30 and even $.20 clicks to websites. This is TARGETED traffic. Example: for Kids Martial Arts, we typically target Moms, within 5 miles from the school, who are 27-40. It’s crazy accurate.

And even if you’re not doing paid ads, people are searching via Google for Martial Arts schools in your area. That’s FREE traffic.

And none of that takes much time. If you set up your own website and ads, it’s a one time investment of time, then it’s up and running. If you let a company (like mine) do it for you, it’s no time at all, and very little money (less than a run of flyers that people hate to see on their windshield) for a huge ROI.

But There's a HUGE Problem You MUST Solve Before You Can Tap Into This "Internet" Trend

One of the most important things I’ve learned about marketing online, ESPECIALLY in regards to my generation, is that people HATE buying from "businesses" (Read: They hate buying from YOU). Now, it’s really always been like this to some extent, but think about the financial meltdown that millennials like me, your new customers, just went through.

Frankly, we don’t trust businesses for sh*t.

As far as we’re concerned, they’re all run by a bunch of corporate tax dodging, job eliminating, 1% fat cats that don’t have human souls. Now, you can disagree with the sentiment, but it’s still true, overwhelmingly, that my generation is not just going to trust you because you want us to. And purchases are built on trust. Especially tuition purchases of $150/mo.

Your Prospects Straight Up Do NOT Trust You

The key to your clients hearts, whether they’re millennials or not, is trust and patience. For my clients, we build out a YEAR’s worth of automated email follow ups with prospects who don’t sign up the first time they visit the website. They literally get trust building emails for A YEAR.

But we can't send them trust building emails until we have their email address. So we use a “two-step” opt in process. This process was created in the Internet Marketing industry. The idea is to give the customer what they want, but ask them for something in return.

This is an example of a "2-Step" Opt In Process:

You MUST Address What Your Prospects WANT.

Even if you know it's not what they need.

In our case, the Martial Arts industry, what do our prospects constantly ask us for? Your prices and schedule. Now, if you’re an experienced school owner, you know that these two items aren’t enough for someone to actually commit to signing up themselves or their child.

Client Expectation: "Give me the schedule and prices and I'll decide if I want to sign up"

Reality: If the program is solves their issues/pain (bullying, ADD, discipline), they'll adjust their schedule, and they'll find a way to fit it into their budget

Even though we know they cat REALLY make decisions with this info, it's important to respect the client's wishes as best you can (it's the trust building thing).

So we DO give the Schedule, and we also show them a Trial Offer. It's not the ACTUAL price of classes, but it usually makes the prospect happy.


We ask for an email address in exchange, because we know that 98%+ of people visiting your website don’t become clients on their first web visit.

You Read That Right:

98%+ Of Your Website Visitors Will Not Sign Up

I know this because we track stats on our websites, and they convert pretty well. Even if you assume that your “opt in” rate, the number of people who enter their email in order to see your pricing and schedule, is REALLY good, let’s say 20% (that’s an AMAZING conversion rate), and your sign up percentage is REALLY good, let’s say 10% (that’s a REALLY good conversion rate), you’d be doing amazingly well, and only converting 2 out of 100 visitors.

Yes, converting “REALLY well” means you’d be converting 2 out of 100 website visitors. Seriously, do the math. Of 100 people, 20 opted in. Of 20 who opted in, 2 took action on whatever your offer was, whether a free class, paid intro, whatever.

Best Case Scenario: 2 out of 100 Visitors "Take Action" On Their First Web Visit

I’m just going to let that sink in for a bit…

....2 out of 100....

Ok, now that we’ve established what happens on the first visit (almost nothing), you can see why it’s SO important to build trust after your prospects leave your website.

Here are 3 emails that will help you build trust with your prospects, RIGHT NOW. They might even get you new members right way, but remember, that's NOT the point. That's just a side-benefit of building trust:

So They Don't Trust You, What Now?


(Start With Downloading the emails Below)

Do NOT bombard them with fear based emails about “SIGN UP, LIMITED SPACE, SPECIAL OFFER, DONT GET LOCKED OUT!!!11!1”

Now, if you’re REALLY having a special, and there’s REALLY limited space, sure, say that. But if you’re just emailing them on a drip automation (Your email provider should allow you to build out email automations that are sent based on when someone opts in. If it doesn’t, or if for some reason you’re not in control of it, find a new one.), you should be emailing them cool stuff that adds value to their lives. 

This could be parenting articles, health advice, bully preventions tips, or anything else that will actually engage a “cold” or “warm” prospect. But it needs to be a MINIMUM or 80% content, 20% “pitch”

That means for every 1 email you send that says, “Hey, we’d love to have you at our school”, you need 4 that say, “Check out this neat thing that improves your life”

Download 3 Trust Building EmailsPlus See a Tutorial Video on How To Use These Emails

Tell Us Where To Send The 3 Trust Building Emails

(You'll be able to download them in PDF Format)

Plus see a "How-To" Video on installing these emails/creating your campaign on the next page

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

If you haven’t been trying to build trust, you can start ANY time. Probably the best way to repair a relationship that is either neglected (you don’t email your prospects often) or abused (you email them pitch after pitch without providing content), is to email them no-pitch “hot-button” content, and there’s nothing better for parents of Martial Arts prospects than Bully Prevention.

(Click the Button At the Bottom of this Page to Download 2 Bully Prevention Emails and 1 "Pitch" email)


Create A Trust Building Campaign

Here’s a small screenshot of what one of the automations in our Follow Up Ninja system looks like. It comes pre-loaded with 1 year’s worth of automations for each program (Kids, Adults, etc), but it’s also 100% customizable:

(Click To Enlarge)

You can see this automation is pretty complex (your trust building campaign doesn't have to be). Our Follow Up Ninja system determines if a prospect opened an email or not, and if they didn’t, re-sends the email again. If they did, it waits a pre-determined amount of time before sending the next in the sequence. If you don’t have something like this, get it. Build it. Or hire someone like us to build it for you.

Your Campaign Doesn't Need To Be Complex

But It Does Need To Be Specific

On the next Page, I'll show you a screencast of me building, from start to finish, a Trust Building campaign using the downloadable emails. If you're a current client, you can simply request that this automation be added to your automations area (email us at support@newmemberninja@zendesk.com). If you're not a current client, you can watch the video to see how to build it yourself.

Tell Us Where To Send The 3 Trust Building Emails

(You can download them in PDF Format)

Plus see a "How-To" Video on installing these emails/creating your campaign on the next page

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you