Martial Arts School Owners: Pay Attention.

This is perhaps the most important, truthful thing you’ll ever read about Marketing your Martial Arts school online.

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  • The Secret

    The Secret to authentically connecting with Prospects

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    What “getting” The Secret can do: 387 new prospects in 30 days

I’m going to tell you the secret to connecting with today’s generation of prospects, and I’m not going to make you sign up/pay for anything, join some facebook group or drink any Kool-Aid (and profess me as the ultimate martial arts business Guru of all time) before I tell you.

Plus, I'm going to arm you with 3 emails that will help you use this secret to sign up new students without having to spend any money on ads.*

I know the secret because I live it everyday. I only market my school online. I have 200+ members, and gross around 40k/mo. Not huge numbers, but I do this SOLELY with online marketing, with an advertising budget of less than $1k/mo (usually $500, but never over $1k).

*If you're just here for the free email downloads, scroll to the bottom of this page and hit 'Continue'. However, spending another 5 minutes of your time understanding why they're important will significantly increase your results.

Here's The Secret. Ready?

Stop Trying to "Convert" Your Prospects

They don’t want to sign up on your website.**

Yeah. The secret is stop trying to sign people up on your website. Sounds ridiculous, I know, but hear me out.

Isn’t everything in the Martial Arts counterintuitive? I mean, if I want to punch hard, I don’t swing my arm, I push backwards with my foot, rotate my hips and wrist and then stop before my arm is fully extended. That’s not how an untrained person, like a child, hits. A child just swings their arms frantically.

A trained fighter has had human nature beaten out of them, and proper training instilled in its place. So what makes you think that the Martial Arts Business is any different?

It’s not.

You need to have the human nature BEATEN out of you, and online marketing training beaten in. You can do what everyone else does and just blindly SELL SELL SELL, or do it properly, and only "sell":

1)What People Want
2)To The People Who Want It
3)When They Want To Buy It

Sounds simple, right? Sure, but simple does NOT mean easy.

If you do it right, the secret will work for you too. I know this because I have clients who use my unique systems to generate online leads everyday.

Also, Here's Proof from my actual Martial Arts School

(387 New Contacts in 30 days):

Yep. If you add up all of the contacts in that video, it's 387 new prospects in 30 days.

So That's The Secret.

But What Are You Going To DO With It? I'll Show You Step By Step What I've Done With It, Then You Can Download 3 Done-For-You Emails That'll Help You Execute An Amazing Trust Building Campaign.

But First, Why the H#$% Should you Listen to Me?

You may have seen me on the cover of MA Success, or on stage at a NASKA tournament (traditional forms for me, thank you), or arguing pointlessly with people on Facebook. I’m a little opinionated, #sorrynotsorry. But I’m a Martial Artist through and through. I started assisting when I was 13, was in charge of the kids program at my school at 16, ran a school as head instructor at 18, and (stupidly) opened my own school at 20. And NOW, I own a 200+ member school, gross 40k/mo and employ 7 people. It's a crazy story, but it's REALLY important to your understanding of the Secret.

I Wasn't Always Successful. Far From It.

Those are my real stats from my Rainmaker Dashboard. I'm not bragging (you might be doing better than I am), I'm just showing that I'm not lying about my numbers. 

So What Changed?

How did I go from literally living in the back of my karate school to 200+ members and $40k/mo? Well, long story short: The Internet. 

But if you want to know more, including how you can replicate these results for yourself, I'll lay it all out step by step. I'll tell you what I did, show you how I did it, and give you some of the tools that I actually everyday (3 Trust-Building emails). It won't cost you anything. You don't have to enter your email or make a purchase, and I won't expect anything in return.

**Only 2% of prospects visiting your website (and I mean PROSPECTS, not just random visitors) will "take action" and sign up for a Free or Paid Trial on your website. Don't believe me? Don't worry, I show proof on the next page.